Frequent questions

Do you have any questions before your purchase?

It is normal to have doubts before making an online purchase, especially if the cost of the product is as important as that of a diamond ring or a luxury watch.

In this section you can find the frequently asked questions of our customers. If you have any other doubts, do not hesitate to contact us via chat, calling the phone number 0172431650 or by sending an email to : we are always at your disposal to help you!

If you have any questions or need assistance during your purchase you can write to us in chat or you can call the phone number 0172431650 , one of our operators will answer you ready to help you.

You can also write to us at our email address

If you don’t know what gift to choose for an anniversary or a special event or if you need it  for advice on a diamond or a luxury watch you can contact our expert in watches and precious items Maurizio Arpaia. You can contact him directly by calling the number 0172431650 or writing via WhatsApp

Of course, during the purchase you will be asked if you would like to receive the gift box. Check the option and we will wrap your precious at no additional cost.

Yes, it is possible to personalize the jewelry with an engraving. If you buy a wedding ring, you can specify the text and the type of engraving already when choosing the product; for all other precious items you can request it by inserting a note in the “Order Notes” field during the conclusion of your purchase.

If you have the jewel of your dreams in mind or you want to surprise someone with a unique jewel, visit here to our page dedicated to the creation of personalized jewels and fill out the form. Send us a detailed drawing of your idea, we will send you a proposal for the realization and, if you like it, you can complete the purchase. You can choose the setting and precious stones you prefer or you can get advice from our expert goldsmith.

For the purchase and sale of precious items we are required by law (Art. 128 RD n. 773/31 – TULPS) to ask you for your tax information. We guarantee that all your data will be protected and used only for the purpose of the sale.

We’re sorry, but the courier is only authorized to receive cash payments and it is always advisable to prepare cash in precise banknotes and coins. We cannot guarantee that all dispatchers will have the change available for cash payment.

We are sorry but it is not possible but rest assured that our couriers are safe and reliable. You can decide to insure your shipment, which we always recommend for important purchases

The customization of rings worth more than € 300 is free if the sizes are two more or two less. If the sizes are more than two or if you want to tailor a necklace or bracelet we can send you a quote for the job.

Each of our precious items will arrive in your hands complete with guarantee. If, on the other hand, you have purchased a luxury watch, you will receive the original box and guarantee if they are present.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it complete with box and packaging within 14 days. You will also have to send us a registered letter with return receipt to our address (Bra Gioielli Srl, Corso IV Novembre 2 / A) 
For any inconvenience or clarification we remain at your complete disposal on all our communication channels.